About Prayer

During our time in Mustamäe we have been asked to live a prayer life, praying three times a day.
Making a connection with people and connecting people through sharing our prayers with them has felt to be our main call.
That has not always been easy, as it is a big and total new responsibility.
Waking up earlier in the morning after a short night of sleep as well as coming home late from a long day and still find the energy and inner peace to organise the prayer together or simply trying to fit midday prayer in a full schedule.

And then it was so enriching every time we could organise a prayer for the ones we met or invite them to join us.

Also, the services in Kuusalu, Põlva, the womens prison, Püha Vaimu Church, the Catholic church in Tallinn and of course in the Maria Magdalena church gave us a great possibility to be in communion with the people we met and who welcomes us.

Often we have been just a small circle of people but that also made the value of every person participating even bigger and gave us the possibility to meet all of them on a personal basis.

To have a big church full of people is very beautiful though, but isn’t one person, deeply touched in their heart by prayer and communion, just as much of an appreciation?


Paul writes: A servant of the Lord must not engage in quarrels but should be welcoming to all and patient in adversity. ( 2 Timothy 2:22-26)


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