the girls camp

The congregation of the Mustamäe Church organizes every year several different camps for children from the district. They welcome every child between the age from 7 – 12, Christians and Non-Christians from every background.

This week it was a camp only for girls, in one week there will be a camp for only for boys as well.

It`s a camp were the kids come every morning and leave again in the evening. A normal day in the camp started always with singing songs together and playing games, followed by a short Bible introduction for the children.

Every afternoon we had lunch together and after that we went for some activities. Trips to a swimming pool, a climbing park, a visit in the ship museum or a walk at the sea… Everything what children like the most!

The topic for the Bible introductions, what would lead through the week was: IME, which means miracles.
We followed the question, what a miracle actually is. And discovered together that it is something, that seems to be impossible, something astonishing, amazing, something supernatural, a happening.

One day the topic was the multiplication of the bread and fish, another – Jesus walking on the water. On the last day the children could get to know and understand a bit more the biggest miracle – death and resurrection. Even though we don’t understand or speak Estonian (yet), we tried to participate as much as possible. Watching the kids’ reactions is such an inspiring thing!

One story which is not from the Bible, but remained in our heads: A story about frogs. This group of frogs wanted to climb a very high tower and everyone said that it would be impossible. Many of the frogs tried it, but they all gave up before they reached the top. Only one little frog wanted to try it nonetheless. He started to climb, went on, and finally reached the top. He managed what all the others before him couldn’t  do. This little frog was deaf. He could not hear everyone saying that it would be impossible.


God said to me: My grace is sufficient for you, for my strength is made perfect in weakness. (2 Corinthians 12,9) 


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